* * * EXUBERANT * * *

Quite frankly, there is no good word to describe 2 day other than exuberant!

1. extreme in degree, size, or extent

2. joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic
(my blog can also be quite educating!)

The heat of summer has finally kicked in with some extreme degrees in the 90's which allows for some fabulous good old fashioned fun at the local ice cream spot. Funny how the heat never seemed to bother me in Hawaii, now I feel like I'm in a sauna...I guess that may not be such a bad thing! Lily & Leah are beyond enthusiastic & joyously unrestrained every time we make our way to the ice cream spot. Did I mention my children DO NOT get out much!

I must mention also that I have been receiving hands down some of the cutest little girls in my inbox. Thank you all & thank you always...it's moments like these that keep Momi boutique in full swing!
Remeber back in the day (or maybe it was just a month or two ago!) when I had the OOAK watermelon wagon giveaway?....well, here was the end result...

What a great little watermelon picker this one is!

Be sure to swing by tomorrow at 11 for an exciting new Art Show saturday piece. It's a simplistic design but, just plain pretty & definitely lots of bang for your buck!
Thank you always to all those loyal Momi lovers out there....you are a light in my life :)
See ya tomorrow!

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pinksarahh said...

Cute Pictures! You create such pretty things!!!