Art Show Saturday moved to Sunday!

Let it be know that Jon Gosselin is not the only one in Wernersville, PA who is "excited" this week...I also have many reasons to be!

First I must tell you that although I never wanted to/or thought I would have to do this...Art Show Saturday must be moved to Sunday June 29th at 11:00. The reason being is that Mr. Momi & I are taking a spontaneous overnight trip to the beach to see his friend's punk rock band. Now typically I'm not so much a punk rock kind of girl, however, these are his best friends so although my ears may not function afterwards...I will take full advantage of this awesome overnight getaway without the girls..which never happens.

Speaking of "without" the girls....I also must tell you that I have found my Mary Poppins! I haven't searched long & hard but, I did decide to search again. Mr. Momi & I went to check out a daycare this week (since I am at the breaking edge of loosing my patience running a 24 hour a day at home business with a 1 year old & a 2 year old & a husband who's gone almost 14 hours a day..it's been long overdue)...ANYHOW, she was perfect from the begining & the girls loved it so 2 days a week I get to take a shower, go to the bathroom, eat, & work in complete silence. The radio is the only thing to keep me company & so far, so good!

Now for the grandest news of all....I am making progress & moving in the exact direction that I want to be going. I am thrilled to inform you that Momi boutique will be offered in a children's boutique in Santa Ynez, California. A dear friend/customer of mine & her husband own a shoe store & she is now opening a children's boutique as well. The shop will be opening this summer so if you are planning a trip to California or you live in California send me an email at momi_boutique@hotmail.com if you would like more information in regards to the location! There will be unique pieces offered that are only available in her boutique & she is just a joy to converse with!

Have no fear, I am always still here for you & I have a few AWESOME new designs that will be released soon!
That's all for now...back to the cutting board!

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