*Spring in Full Swing*

If you haven't heard...regardless of the weather outside your window....Spring has officially sprung at MOMI boutique.  If you haven't yet placed your order, I would highly recommend taking a look at the Spring 2011 lineup in my ETSY SHOP as the fabric supply is dwindling at a rapid rate!!  Once the designs are sold out, they will not be replenished and I can tell you for certain there are items that are about to see their last few dancing days!

Please note if you do place an order I am currently on a 3-4 week turn around time.  Gasp..I know, very uncharacteristic of MOMI boutique. Trust me, if I could fly in those North Pole elves, we would be rockin' & rollin' but, have no fear I am very "OCD" when it comes to leaving things undone and have bearly slept a wink in a week! I will probably be back down to my 2 week or less turn around by mid week next week  You know things are slightly crazy when Mr. MOMI is up and willingly working at 3am. The man is getting more job responsibilities by the day and I even contemplated teaching him how to sew on a button, it didn't happen but, you get the point!  He chooses to go the moral support route and serenade me with his guitar skills..or lack thereof  :)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, MOMI boutique is no longer accepting custom/special requests.  In a perfect world I would love to but, I am in a position where I have a clothing line that is growing at a rate that is almost beyond my relm.  For me special requests are a double edged sword. 
 I feel like MOMI is in the position it is in because of special requests and.....I feel like MOMI is in the position that it is in because of....ding ding..special requests!  It is what puts a smile on my face at the end of the day and what also makes me have less time to take MOMI in the direction I want to take it in. Here is the groundwork 101:

MOMI boutique accomodates special request = very happy customer=customer tells friends=customer returns=customer wears MOMI everyday..yay! = Big smile for MOMI

MOMI boutique accomodates special request= approx 2 hrs back & forth customer service + new design layout=pull fabrics from one design to make another, minus 1 inventory for other design due to fabric loss=
ZERO hours to make MOMI better
I will be completely honest and say that I do truly enjoy some special requests that I receive because they provide great moments of inspiration, in a day when that is sometimes hard to find, & I honestly am happy to accomodate a strap change & a this or that, here or there. I am not in any way, shape, or form targeting any one person. In this week alone I have received 23 emails in regards to custom requests/tweaking designs. I wish I could say yes to everyone, if I had 12 hands & an endless supply of each fabric, I would. I am simply trying to paint the picture & help everyone to understand  why I am at this time not willing to do something that at one time seemed very "second nature".  I think what has thrown me for a loop is I have realized that although I do LOVE "customer service", I do not have the hours in my day to customer service items that I do not offer in my shop and that is what I have been spending a great deal of my days doing. I truly hope that no one will take any offence to this and your heart will still belong to MOMI!


Nikki said...

Girl I feel you! Kudos to you for taking that next step. Honestly it's a dream of mine to drop the customs for all the same reasons you explained. While we love the creative part it takes 5x longer to work on a custom than current designs. The spring line is gorgeous!!! Congrats on all the success!

Hallie Marie said...

speaking of 'my heart belongs to momi' cashlen's hairbow hanger is lined in those buttons and by LOTS of ribbon pieces from packaging =)


carmicheal said...

Your designs are beautiful, excellent quality, and a notch above the rest! For this reason, you are so busy and you should not feel bad at all about not being able to accept special requests! Besides, your designs just DON'T need tweaking! Just continue to do what you enjoy doing as well as have your family time too! You have an amazing tallent and prove it with your unique amazing clothes!

MOMI Boutique said...

Thanks Nikki :)
Yay Hallie!..and thank you! ;)
Carmen, THANK YOU! that really means alot to me!