The name of the game is.....

**MOMI madness**
(yes, like march madness except ealier & MUCH better :)

January 18th - February 15th
Game is as follows:

**There will be 2 winners**

For every point you earn you will receive ONE entry in the MOMI madness drawing to be held 2/16/10

MOMI girl with the MOST points at the end also wins!
(in the event of a tie breaker, lead point holder winner will be drawn from a hat)

Each Prize: $50 gift certificate

How to earn points:

ONE point:
* For every item you purchase between January 18th - February 15th
(if listing is sold as a complete set you will receive a point for each piece in the set)

Leave feedback on etsy for an item purchased between 1/18/10 - 1/ 31/10

*Leave a comment on my blog at http://momiboutique.blogspot.com/ and tell me the first item you ever bought from Momi boutique!

TWO points:
*For purchasing a coordinating top/dress & pants


*Refer a friend to MOMI boutique
(tell your friends to place their purchases before 2/15/10 and enter the word "friendSHIP" with "your name" at checkout to receive Free shipping!  ex:   friendSHIP Sally M.
Refered friends can not be current Momi customers and the referal will only count if they place a purchase)

*Mention Momi boutique in your own personal blog or in a chat forum that you belong to & send me the link!

Eligible purchase locations:

Winners will be announced February 16th, 2010!


Hallie Marie said...

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! first outifit, saturday art show, wisconsin i think, little mouse with cute jeans and ric rac. 2nd was lets start with the letter c!

Michelle said...

Well, my first purchase from you was a lot of Falling for You sets, Juki sets, denim ruffle pants and a last available dress/pant set to sell at my My Vintage Baby Trunk Shows! They were and are a great hit! I'm so glad to have gotten to know you better and look forward to getting to know you even better and working with you in the future!

Heather said...

My first purchase was the Martini Mellonball dress which we love! Heather S.

Ann said...

First, purchase Momi Hayden and Riley Dress.

Mand said...

YAY! Love fun contests, especially when the prize is a momi gift certificate. My first purchase was the sweet Birthday set. From there I was addicted to all things momi.

laurel_leigh08 said...

My first momi outfit was the red and green poinsetta set back in 06. So gorgeous and from then on I was hooked!

Jennmanderson said...

My first purchase was the valentine ruffle pants and I have been addicted to your ruffle pants every since! I love the Love potion shirt too!!!! I plan to post to my facebook page about your giveaway.

Jennmanderson said...

I have been addicted to your store every since I purchased the Valentine ruffle pants in both colors. I love your ruffles. The Love Potion shirt is very cute and you are an amazing sewer!!!! I will post info about your giveaway on my facebook page. The yellow and white ruffle pants are calling my girls name!!!

teach03 said...

Haven't made any purchases from the new collection but I see some in the near future.

1st Momi purchase was an Easter apron kNot dress in 2009 (snagged up the sample). Since then I was hooked- funky Apple, Mermaid Beach set with extra coordinating pieces, and on and on the list goes.

Love Rachel and her work!

Jayme L. said...

I still have my first purchase because I can't bear to part with it! The original Owl Apron dress with Ruffle Jeans...she wore it as a set, with just the apron dress and then when she got taller, as a tunic. I don't think I'll ever sell or give this outfit away!

Michelle Garland said...

I am so glad I found Momi! My first purchase was matching Christmas outfits for my girls last year. I loved them and got RAVE reviews from everyone they saw that day!

I have your blog listed in my blog list so I can keep up!

Michelle G.

Michelle Garland said...

My first Momi purchase was matching Festive Christmas sets for my two girls, 1 and 3. Since then, I'm hooked!

Have you listed in my blog list on our family's blog - check it out - www.mrsgarland.blogspot.com


denisemichele73 said...

The first of many incredible Momi outfits that we purchased was the Lil' Sushi Lover Dress. Still one of our favs! Denise D.

Natalie said...

My first... I think it was the spearmint stick pants. Love Momi!

carolinamandy said...

My first purchase was the Fairy Princess and the Spring Cleaning Knot Dresses.I absoultley LOVE them, and am ready to purchase more of your beautiful items for my little princess! I am so hopeful that I will win this game so that I can buy more spring items! :)

Kerrin J said...

Hey Rachel, my first purchase from Momi Boutique was quite a few outfits..because i just couldn't make up my mind (Summer in the Hamptons, Kristen remix and the Hayden outfit with that adorable hat!) I love adding to our collection as you know!!! You are de best!!!