Does your heart belong to MOMI?

I LOVE Sundays.  I'm pretty certain that my love for Sundays came about when we moved to Pennsylvania and it became a guarantee that my husband could not even get called into work for a split second on a Sunday...pure bliss! 

As you may already know I have the most FABULOUS graphic designer who I love dearly & has been my best friend since the age of 2.  We lived next door to each other our entire lives so we have always been close like sisters.  A week or so back she showed up at my door with her boyfriend flashing her hand in my face with her mouth open wide like she was catching bugs, I think there was a shriek that came out of her mouth but, it was such a high pitch that I could bearly even hear it because I was completely stunned.  The moment had come that we talked about for what seemed like years.  I do recall one of the first words to come out of her mouth was "start making those flower girl dresses!".   I though..hmm..does MOMI make flower girl dresses??  I do believe I even asked my friend the same question & reply was something along the lines of....everything you make it amazing so I am sure I will love them.  I guess I did dream up my portraits & petal pushers dress that I absolutely LOVED on Lily so I thought SURE...I can do this! I've been searching high and low this week for some fancy fabrics to experiment with so let it be known that slowly but surely Momi will now be offering flower girl dresses that can double as some wonderful portrait, party, & easter dresses!  Although, the first dress that I created Lily, Leah, & Lori went completely gaga over so my adventures in flower girl dress making may just stop right there!  Only time will tell!

Speaking of time....there is not many more hours until my spring designs start making their appearance at http://www.momiboutique.etsy.com/ !  I hope you will all join me this coming week for some new pieces for your MOMI girls!


Mand said...

I am IN LOVE with your beautiful pink dress! That is amazing. I would love to buy one for Miss Lane. Gorgeous!

teach03 said...

Looking forward to drooling over the new collection! Always love love love your items :)