Little by Little....

So, I'm taking advice from a 2 year old...she's actually quite smart so, it really can't be a bad thing. After watching Noggin for 1,457 hours straight (just kidding) she has picked up alot of the songs & phrases that are always said..one just happens to be "Little..by little...by little!" So I said, you know what Lil..you are so right, you are so right. I have decided for now that all Pink Momi items will be added to the shop...you guessed it...Little..by little..by little! So if you want your little dose of Pink momi love just hop on over to the shop today & check out these two new beauts that are only available 3 times each & are all ready to ship! Free shipping for these items last through the weekend & the coordinating pants (in your choice of size of course) can be added for just $20! http://pinkmomi.etsy.com !

Don't forget to checkout my art show piece at 11:00...it's just quite a work of art :)

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