3/9/10 O baby baby it's a wild world...it's hard to get by just upon a smile....

Things have been fairly quiet here at Momi boutique...except for the sound of my sewing machine of course. I believe most of the world knows I've been gearing up to go out of town in 2 days. We are oh So very excited to go see our family in North Carolina and beach modeling can absolutely not be beat..it's complete cooperation from every angle & pure natural beauty....

I believe I have cut & sewed over 50 different pieces over the past 5 days.  Alot of time spent at the sewing machine equals ALOT of caffeine, sleepless nights, & checking messages & tweets on my phone. 
5 days, one case of Coke & a box of girl scout cookies later I believed I had about enough of the sewing room. I went in to grab my phone off my desk today, updated my twitter and there it was....the tweet that I had been dreading for the past 10 months. 

My heart got heavy & sank right down to my feet..the same way it had when I first heard the word "neuroblastoma" come from Shanna. I actually knew exactly what neuroblastoma was when she told me. 

Coincidentaly, about a month or so before Layla was diagnosed, I was aimlessly browsing the web one night & ended up stumbling on a blog of an etsy shop owner who was raising money to fund a memorial for her little girl who became an angel much too soon. There was to be a playground built in her honor and it was called Cora's playground project. http://themcclenahans.blogspot.com/2009/02/coras-story.html  I found this blog just about a month or so after she passed & spent until 4 am reading & weeping..or should I say sobbing.  I kept thinking..oh please, oh please Mr. Momi do not wake up, you will surely think I have completely lost my marbles sitting up at 4 am balling my eyes out at the computer.  After that I do believe I slowly became a hypochondriac with my children, always feeling for bumpy bellies or any slight sign of something out of the ordinary. 
I never EVER thought it would come to this.  I always thought that there was just NO WAY layla was going to go.  I really was hoping for a miracle, a simple twist of fate for Layla Grace.  Please keep her family in your thoughts during this trying time. Her spirit will forever live on & her captivating smile will never be forgotten.   I hope you find something beautiful beyond the gates of heaven....rest beautifully....angel face...sweet Layla Grace. 11/26/2007 - 3/9/2010


Hallie Marie said...

when i heard the news i was driving my son home from therapy and heard it on out local christian radio station......i thought it may be because the tweets were "still" for awhile, but I still couldn't take it in. those who did not know her (like me) felt as if they did, we are deeply saddened.

rachel, your sewing room is super clean and uncluttered, not at all how I pictured it, i am impressed!

no matter what, i LOVE what comes out of that room and goes on to my precious baby girls back.

i too and so paranoid and constantly feeling my babies bellies, necks etc!

Mande said...


My heart breaks for Layla's family, especially her big sisters. Coping with a loss this devastating, I cannot even comprehend. No mother should ever have to bury a child. I cried so hard when I learned Layla had passed. Thank you for sharing her story on facebook. You know, since hearing of her story I too have become so overly protective of my kids & over analyzing every ailment.

Hope you all have a fabulous time in North Carolina. We are all anticipating your new Spring line. Love to you Rachel & safe travels.

Anonymous said...

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