*****Snow Day Studio SALE******

2/12 & 2/13

What do you do when there is a blizzard outside your window & a boutique taking over your life...call in emergency back up help! 
I told Mr. Momi that as soon as the girls were sleeping he was needed in my sweltering shop immediately (not so sweltering at this time of the year!)  I am happy to say I married the King of organization & it looks as though no one ever sewed a day in their life in my boutique...except for the enormous pile of samples.  Of course he insulted my room along the way calling it a catastrophe.  I would have to say it was the most beautiful disaster of a manmade catastrophe I had ever seen but, he was not impressed!   He couldn't get over all of the dresses I have hanging around & had no idea what to do with all of them so I decided it was time & it just has to be done.  I will close my eyes as I wisk them away to the post office. 

*All orders over $100 will ship FREE!
*There will be select SALE items throughout my shop!

p.s. more sale items will be added by Friday morning!

(please note, if you have a MOMI discount code the code can not be applied on top of sale items)

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